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Session 2: Paradox Space Cowboys

October 14, 2012 7 comments

Curious as to the location of Druid Bob (real name Druid Boboroska Vigni) Julie and Aladraian left to find him, while the others descended into the animal containment area.

Cassie set to work fixing the power, while Crias showed off his Nature knowledge, by identifying several primal markings within the surrounding cages, which would cause them to grow legs, walk up to the Biome and either catch or release their respective inmantes. Said inmates ranged from the mundane (cows, hunting dogs) to the esoteric (Adumla) to the velociraptors (velociraptors). Verifying that the other animals were in no danger of escape, the four uncovered the containment room which included a variety of branch wands designed to imitate the flash and roar of lightning and thunder (4).  They also looted several potions of slowing (6), some tangleroot bags (6) and Druid Bob’s extendable ten foot feeding pole. After shenanigans happened, they successfully caused Cassie to storm off, thus avoiding further annoyance  from those wielding the wands.

Knostril learned that Adumla can consume poisonous substances, but will filter out toxins, remaining edible even under extreme conditions. Yay for Science!

The group encountered Druid Bob on the way up, where he claimed to not have seen Julie or Aladraian, and claimed to have witnessed Ceylon Tuatha performing an Arcane Ritual. Bob, being knowledgable but cowardly (and lovable) suggested that Ceylon might be a Paradox Mage – a rare type of caster who wields multiple power sources simultaneously, making them both powerful, but magically unstable. He explained that he himself was a Paradox Sorcerer, being a druid from a long line of sorcerers, but because Ceylon had no known family history of Arcana, he might be a Paradox Warlock (most paradox mages gain those powers through deals with powerful entities). The party decided that such accusations could wait until they completed the task at hand, and specifically introducing Bob to Yorick. They were able to use the shocksticks to charge Yorick’s ghost and allow him to speak audibly.  The former was disturbed, while the latter was glad to be of more use, hoping that if indeed Tuatha was a warlock, he might have a chance to be raised. The others told him not to get his hopes up, and decided to deal with the Adumla (lizard cows).

They realised the druids trapped in the control room could activate the cages, but with Julie gone they lacked a means to communicate, eventually deciding to send Yorick’s ghost through the wall. This resulted in the three attempting to lure the cages through the non-collapsed rooms using rehydrated berries to entice their primitive sapience. They were successful, resulting in the Adumla being retrieved without a fight. Then Crias had the brilliant idea to zap them with a shockstick, causing them to panic, and collapse one of the cages. Luckily it held, but Bob insisted on confiscating their sticks.

Eager to find clues of the mysterious assassins they came upon Kraall, who was mostly dead, covered in blood and showing signs of having been beaten to death with a morning star. Despite this, he had no visible wounds. Luckily, Zasahl’s healing abilities were able to bring him back from the brink of oblivion, where it was discovered that he spoke only Deep Speech and was thoroughly confused, glancing at the lightning. The group quickly deduced that the Primal magic of Migdol had somehow corrupted the resurrection process, which was confirmed, upon Yorick identifying Kraall as one of the limbless ghosts of those who came before – apparently a very confused woman. It was established that Yorick sees spirits, not bodies and thus was unable to recognize Kraall when asked. This was likely because the planet contains a massive primal heart or similar source of primal energy, which Crias remembered from earlier.

The party ascertained that Kraall’s assailants had either failed at their job, or possibly orchestrated this possession intentionally, and the Spirit itself seemed confused, suggesting it wasn’t responsible for its current situation. They also realized that for the duration of the Solstice Kraall’s ghost might still be contactable in the same way Yorick’s was. They could not figure out the sequence of events leading up to his demise and hence exactly how the possession came about (it was theorized Kraall or someone else might have summoned the lightning that shattered the Biome, which might have caused his possession). Additionally, they were unable to discern why or how Kraall’s  wounds were healed before they found him, only that it made forensic analysis that much more difficult, which could have been a motive in and of itself. It is possible that searching Kraall’s tower may yield some additional information, as might confronting Ceylon Tuatha, assuming assuming he isn’t in some way responsible for all this.

At this point, they have a number of leads (the spirit, the tower, the world builder, the primal heart etc), but no practical way of following them without reuniting with the rest of the party.

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Session 1: Thunderstruck

October 7, 2012 9 comments

The first session began with a festival on a backwater planet – the Ferrosa Touchdown festival.

The party met up in the entrance hall, and after some confusion went to join the festivities – the paranoid Duchess Estelle running the colony insisted any adventurers be watched by the more able members of the colony.

Aladraian and Julie compete in the archery competition (run by Astill – Julie’s boss), where they both, after some initial failures managed to do pretty well. Aladraian was then challenged by a local archer (Keily) but declined, counter-proposing a trivia contest. His question about the explorer who initially discovered Migdol completely stumped her, but he declined their wager.

Julie and Lachlan were then offered the chance to compete in a thievery competition, where the first challenge was to realize you’d been recruited. Lachlan had a bit of trouble noticing, but the two flawlessly retrieved their respective sets of wooden carvings, Julie narrowly edging out Lachlan for the victory.

After that Aladraian and Zasahl has a quick sparring match, which Zasahl won quite handily. They decided to return after lunch.

The group then made their way to the lunchtime banquet, where Ceylon Tuatha – the colony’s patron explained that the local weather acted as a conduit for the souls of the planets’ previous ghosts – a series of biomechanical humanoids whose limbless spirits watched ominously. This  theory isn’t in line with the duchess or several other people’s ideas, but Ceylon claims to have had visions of them.

The whispering lightning got closer and closer until, despite the wards the colony should have, lightning struck the druidic biome, shattering it. Ceylon and Estelle realized the Adumla – the omnivorous reptilian livestock the colony used for food – might be able to break containment. He insisted the party investigate it, in exchange for his services as a seer.

They entered the biome only to find the main hall caved in and the power out, and the nearest door arcanely sealed. Which Cassie promptly removed it from its hinges. Inside they found Druid Bob and a pair of frightened travelers, who made various excuses to leave, before Bob himself ran for help, despite Crias’ attempts to intimidate him into staying. Julie was able to crawl through the ventilation ducts to discover several druids in the Biome control room, trapped by a cave in. After promising to get help, they tried to open the door to a store room, only to find the body (and ghost) of Yorick – a ranger who arrived here with Ceylon. The trapped druids, while attempting to infuse the metal of the vents with the techno-organic nature of the planet, thus rendering them pliable, pointed out that on Ferrosa’s Spring Solstice, the souls of the dead could be rendered audible via nearby electric current.

Cassie’s talents as an artificer served them well as they were able to converse with the now-deceased Yorick, who explained he had been murdered by a group of assailants before the lightning struck, and that they were pursuing a tiefling, presumably Krall. However, he admitted to having trouble telling other races apart. This group consisted of a dragonborn cleric of Bahamut, who wielded a morning star (Like Zasahl), a mage who might have been a telekinetic psion (like Aladraian), and some others, though he had trouble remembering the details. He thought one might have been elvish, but was too busy having his chest caved in by a morning star to make sure. That group hid Yorick’s body in the store room, and might be responsible for locking Druid Bob away, the lightning, the cave ins or any of the above.

Their current whereabouts, as well as Kraall’s is unknown, but the party have other giant frog-lizard things to fry. To that end they have resolved to search for any animal containment tools that would be used by the druids, in an attempt to fulfill Estelle’s wish that the animals not be killed.

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