Two and a half centuries ago, the inhabitants of the planet Nasca discovered an easy to produce, highly efficient magical fuel cell that catapulted them into an age of enlightenment. Full of hope and ambition, the adventurers who would become the first Arcanauts left the warm embrace of their home planet to seek their destiny among the stars.

As time went by, civilization grew, with intergalactic travel made trivial through a network of portals. New worlds once thought to be other planes of existence were discovered, strange creatures were identified and fantastic magitechnology was created. Even the gods had trouble keeping up.

Nowadays, galactic civilization occupies scores of planets in dozens of systems. One such planet is Migdol – a scarcely inhabited, rust covered rock, beset by lightning storms and wildly unpredictable tidal forces as a result of its unusual moon. A small colony there is celebrating it’s 50th birthday, and people from all over the galaxy are coming to attend, including a number of adventurers…

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