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Session 12: Out of the Past

With suspicious guards pounding on the stone doors, Lachlan immediately set to stalling for time, telling them that the ritual was in progress and that the Duchess and co were not to be disturbed. The guards, having not seen anyone come by with the ritual component they needed were understandably confused and inquired further, asking to hear from the Duchess herself. Despite Lachlan’s best efforts, Lachlan was unable to come up with a plausible lie, so while Aladraian set about beginning the ritual, Zasahl and Knostril attempted to barricade the door shut. This turned out to be a wise move as the guards began attempting to force their way in almost immediately, and the Dwarf and Dragonborn were left with only their body weights keeping the door closed. As they held the door shut, Lachlan spoke the incantation, and though he might have had his doubts, his hope that the colony would be reborn was enough to break the seal – the Guardian’s heart bursting like a water balloon and dissolving the seal away.

With no reason to stay longer, the party immediately made for the secret passage, with Aladraian barely escaping unseen in the nick of time, as the guards forced their way through the now open doors, and were met with a scene that included an unconscious Duchess, a dead imp, and several bleeding, but mostly stable guards, lying in front of a bubbling spring where the seal used to be. Leaving the passage they found Yorick who bemoaned his foolishness in trusting their noble intentions and despite Zasahl’s assurances that the party “did what they had to do” he sounded the alarm. As the guards rushed towards the room, Zasahl implored him to reconsider. Trusting that Bahamut’s representative had truly done the right thing, he did so, telling the troops to ignore the party and make for the seal room. The party fled in the confusion, summoning Phillipe and making their escape as soon as they got into the open.

As they soared above the colony in search of the island where they would be able to speak to the Primordial they saw the colony once more in its entirety. The Primordial-shaped mesa that had risen beneath it when the Earth Seal was destroyed began to crumble, revealing the beast itself within. The colony was distributed across its back – the metal tree having become a skeleton for a beast several times larger than the mountain the colony was originally built on. As they flew closer to the shore, taking the opportunity to heal up for the confrontation ahead, the group spotted the small island right in front of the Antediluvian’s head and began their descent.

Phillipe attempted to keep its distance from the Primordial, only daring to land on the other side of the tiny island, before fleeing into the sky. As the party descended they noticed a confrontation was already taking place between an Avatar of the Fae Queen, and the one claiming to be Tuatha, their forces locked in deadly skirmishes along the path up to the Antediluvian’s Plateau. More strikingly though was the fact the island was covered in a thin layer of grass and small flowers – life was slowly returning to Ferrosa as the Antediluvian awoke. As they ascended from the beach they came across a surly fairy soldier who had been wounded, apparently because of one of his so called allies. He was only too happy to help the party out when they both healed him and agreed to pay his ex-comrade back. Crias immediately decided to alert them with his dog whistle, which apparently caused them no small amount of irritation, as they immediately attacked.  They were not however highly trained, and the party easily swatted away the first couple, before opting to simply scare the remainder off. The wounded fairy took the opportunity to try and stab Zasahl in the back, but its poison barb glanced harmlessly off his armour, and it paid for its treachery not long after.

As the group ascended, they convinced several of Tuatha’s minions to stand aside – they were untrained militia and unlike the fairies, they didn’t dare take their chances with the party. Dealing with some fairies that were harassing the final group of militia they were allowed safe passage to the top of the island, where Tuatha stood attempting to renegotiate his deal with Oona. Presuming Duchess Kath to be dead, he wanted some better assurance that he would be compensated and protected for his services, or he would simply take the Primordial for himself. Oona meanwhile took exception to this, and was offering several less pleasant alternatives, such as being trapped forever in a nightmare to slowly waste away in Queen’s dungeons on Feywilde. As the party listened in, they observed that almost everyone involved was cloaked in illusion magic, including Tuatha. Although his glamour was apparently fading as Lachlan noticed a forked tail poking out from beneath his robe. Despite this, they were certain it was the same Ceylon Tuatha they had been talking to throughout their stay here. The original was in fact, never present.

At this point, Crias again decided to give up any element of surprise the party might have via his dog whistle, loudly announcing the party’s presence to the sensitive ears of the fey before them. As they walked up to their ex-employer, they announced their intent to stop him, and requested Oona’s aid in doing so. Although Tuatha (who called himself ‘Rasa’ and claimed to be the World Builder’s body double) proposed a counter offer, She gleefully accepted the party’s terms, and her bodyguards began attacking the imposter immediately. As the party entered the fray, Rasa and his men found themselves overwhelmed, and the ones that the party didn’t kill were coup de graced by the fairies instead. Throughout the fight, Oona’s avatar found herself consistently unable to fight, experiencing some sort of unexpected psionic backlash, suggesting to the party that whatever being hid beneath its flowery visage was not entirely willing to be her puppet.

With Rasa and his men dead, The Fey Queen offered the party the same deal he had been given: Allow her to take control of the Primordial and be allowed to live like kings (or in Julie’s case, Queens) on Feywilde. The party was sorely tempted, and although they considered it among themselves, they could not bring themselves to trust the Queen of Petals. After making some small talk about if the Avatar’s host was happy (It claimed to be simply dreaming) Crias elected to simplyshock punch her in the fake petally face and the fight began anew. The fey bodyguards turned out to have been holding back – perhaps Oona expected betrayal, but regardless, their stings did a number on Crias, but they were ultimately outnumbered and outclassed. Zasahl proceeded to light the Avatar on fire, while Crias put out what was left of her smouldering form with his chilling aura. The wounded fey vanished and retreated, not to be seen again, and Crias attempted to wake the being who lay under the petals. Rummaging around in the mass of seared plant matter, he pulled out the sleeping form of a young girl dressed in tattered rags and covered in soot. Sickened by the Fey Queen’s cruelty the party removed her from the embers and turned to the now awakened Primordial who watched them with interest.

Aladraian immediately set about focusing on the pendant he carried, temporarily taking the True Name into his mind without destroying the stone, and commanded the Primordial to put the colony back to the way it was. It complied – its tendrils scooping up the village and reassembled the mountain a short distance away from its original location, where the Primordial itself stood. To his surprise, it asked him why he felt the need to command it, when it had been the guardian of that place for so long. The question was unspoken – a telepathic projection of emotions and imagery illustrating feelings of confusion and persecution. Even so, Aladraian decided he should waste no time in putting the being back to sleep. Before he could speak the words, Crias stopped him, suggesting that perhaps they should ask the Primordial what it would prefer.

The group then began a conversation with the beast, asking about its history, its intents and its hopes for the future, which it responded to as before – thorough visions and emotions representing things that once were, things that are and things that had not yet come to pass. The Antediluvian recalled its history, falling from the sky in a blaze of fire, and its guilt at the cataclysm its landing caused. It showed them visions of life rising from the ashes it caused, and they experienced its regret and pride as life began to thrive on Migdol. Upon asking what it would do given freedom they saw the wastes verdant and lively, no longer dominated by sand and lightning. Flora and fauna would thrive, and though it may not happen tomorrow, or next week or even ten years from now, it believed the world could once again live as it once did millenia ago.

Finally, the party asked it how it could be sure that no others would come and try to use its power as Oona had. In response they received a vision of the pendant containing the name buried in the earth beneath their feet, at the centre of the symbol imprinted into the ground they were standing on. Aladraian telekinetically buried the pendant while the others cleared the area, and when he stepped back, the Antedilluvian reached forward, pressing its titanic claw into the ground between them. When it was removed they saw a small, silver sapling that had each leaf engraved with the Primordial’s symbol. Using ancient primal magic to overcome almost fundamental divine magic, this would allow it to grow hundreds, if not thousands of new seals, each one insulating it against domination, such that even the gods might not command it. As it left, the party was filled with one parting feeling – the hope of a world born anew.

As they turned away from the departing behemoth, they saw the awestruck faces of the surviving militia, who had seen them save the colony, if not the planet from not one but two of the Icons. They called Phillipe down to ferry them back to the village and as everyone piled on, taking the evidence of their fight with them, they saw that he had changed colour to reflect the blues and greens of the Primordial. It seemed that not only had new life began to grow, but all life on the planet would be affected by what they had done there that night. As they flew back, they knew they’d have a lot of explaining to do and the icons they had defeated almost certainly wouldn’t take their victory lying down, but for now they were heroes.

The End?

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