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Session 11: The Beginning of the End

Note: The following couple of paragraphs occur between sessions based on what the party had planned, but did not have time to set up. I’ll let you know when the session itself begins.

As the party left the Water Temple the air was no longer the unnatural calm Ferrosa was used to but a wild wind – not a hurricane, but something significantly more vigorous than usual, even by Knostril and Julie’s experienced standards. They gazed up to the colony above them, watching the giant metallic tree begin to shift and rearrange itself, while pores opened on its branches, out of which whistled powerful gusts. Though fearful for anyone caught on the vines, the party was unable to help them, instead dedicating their efforts to finding a defensible hiding spot.

The advantage of being in a city when one is on the run is that its easy to lose yourself in, and the party managed to find a civic building with unusually heavy fortifications and a working lock mechanism. There in the dusty remains of what appeared to be a military headquarters they established camp.  They were able to rest a while, before Julie noticed Keily, the ranger assassin wandering the streets outside. The party greeted her after some deliberation and they briefed one another on the situation: The assassins had little luck slowing Tuatha, having been given a run around by the various demonic impostors they had tried to track. Within short order, they managed to organize some simple supply lines with their allies.

Note: Session begins here.

The Earth seal broke shortly before the party began dinner, causing a powerful rumbling and a feeling like they two had been uprooted from the land beneath them. The party did not know it but beneath the city, the earth was beginning to take she shape of the sleeping primordial, and both the city and the colony now rested on its immense back. Meeting with their comrades in arms,  the party was supplied with some enchanted gear to aid in their quest, and began planning their next move.  They also noticed that the dormant Temple Guardian they had retrieved had grown a muddy skin around its metallic skeleton, but decided to leave it behind.

The military building they were in had a number of tablets engraved with reports from the front lines, research performed on the Fey Queen and her minions, maps of the city and more interestingly, a series of divinely mandated rules that the icons must follow, signed with a stylized heart that nobody recognized, but those with a relationship with the Huntsman felt a connection to. The text explained that an ancient Icon known as the Prince of Shadows had provided unexpected aid to the people of the Caverns, providing them vital information that kept them alive through the near annihilation of their people. The rules were as follows, with some of the party’s conclusions included:

  1. The thirteen are tools of the Goddess of Change, but their will is their own. (Avandra picks the icons for her own purposes)
  2. The roles that the thirteen can take are set but some roles occur more often than others. (There are more than 13 titles, that have been used by icons past and present)
  3. The thirteen are godlike within their sanctuaries. Outside they are mortal. (If Ceylon is outside the Tuathan Forest on Nasca he’s quite killable, assuming you’re tough enough)
  4. The Thirteen only ever operate on a grand scale. Should they fail, the consequences would be severe. (Something powerful prevents the icons from intervening directly in societal affairs)
  5. The thirteen may become corrupt, but changing roles is not considered to be failure. (Ceylon would incur no penalty from abandoning his role as the World Builder)
  6. Only one of the thirteen may survive the end of an age. (Oona is the only icon who has ever done this)
  7. The Prince of Shadows is exempt to every rule. (Including the one where he’s named “The Prince of Shadows”)

The notes ended by suggesting that the Prince had somehow smuggled Ceylon (aka Oona’s “Little General”) onto a small island in the lake where he had been able to invoke the Primordial’s name to seal it away. Knowing that Ceylon would be vulnerable here, the party set off with renewed confidence, though only after Crias managed to obtain a whistle to summon Phillipe from Druid Bob in exchange for two ancient gold pieces. Aladraian and Julie decided that they would be better off securing some more concrete help and resolved to join them later.

Upon arriving at the Temple they saw two militia men posted outside, evidently recruited from the colony or its visitors. Knostril, decked out in Dwarven guard captain armor was easily able to pull rank on them, getting the party in peacefully. In the lobby they encountered some Dwarves who, though they did not say it out loud, were allies recruited by Jimi and Blein, and allowed the party access to the secret tunnels while loudly telling them to move along. Knostril and Zasahl decided rather than sneaking through the tunnels as suggested, they would indeed move along, and ran straight into Yorick, who was fighting fit, and giving a speech to several new recruits, one of who was limping as a result of a bear trap that Lachlan had placed in the temple earlier.

Yorick managed to recognize the pair, and while thankful for their compassion in his time of need, pointed out they had an arrest warrant outstanding, and all evidence suggested they were saboteurs, so he was inclined to take them straight to the Duchess. Luckily, Zasahl’s convincing reasoning and silver tongue managed to defuse the situation, getting him to admit that indeed something was going on here. Yorick proceeded to lead the pair to a second set of secret tunnels under the pretense of an arrest, just in time to hear the results of Crias walking into the next room and intentionally alerting every single guard in the vicinity. Yorick barely managed to save his hide, but the secret tunnels they were all using were discovered, barring any chance of an easy escape.

While in the tunnels adjacent to the seal room, Lachlan listened up at the door, hearing the Duchess conversing with Ceylon. It appeared the Duchess had been conspiring with him this whole time, and the two were plotting how best to deal with the Party’s interference.  In addition, it appeared Ceylon’s policy of replacing high ranking individuals with demonic doppelgangers extended further than the party had anticipated – the one they thought was The World Builder was in fact one of his servants, who had been freed from his geas of servitude by the magic of the Fey Queen. The two planned to play both the Queen and the Builder, taking advantage of the resources afforded to them, before assuming control of the Primordial themselves. In fact, it seemed that while Tuatha’s plan was unchanged, he had never been present to carry it out – electing to remain untouchable within his sanctuary instead. He had however failed to account for the magic of the Queen of Petals, or the ambition of his servants.

Having heard enough, Lachlan jumped out of the tunnels, and before anyone could react, he plunges his dagger straight into the throat of one of Tuatha’s elite guards, felling him in a single stab. The rest of the party charged out to join the Fray, but the demon who wore Tuatha’s visage used one of his old Master’s scrolls to teleport away rather than face the party. The group made short work of the guards, taking care to stabilize most of them rather than kill them outright, while Crias set his sights on the Duchess. He charged his fist with lightning and punched her out for later interrogation, before doing the same to an imp. Miraculously, for an untrained and unarmored civilian, the duchess was not immediately killed by such a powerful hit, but she could not be interrogated because as soon as the commotion died down there was a knock at the door, asking if the Duchess and her men were all right.

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