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Session 10: Horrible Bosses

With Crias’ attempts failing to bear fruit, the party left through the only remaining door. Through it was a long, grand hallway leading to another carving room and a large locked door bearing depictions of the seal and a message of both warning and forbiddance, stating that “Infinite sadness” lay beyond. It also denied any responsibility on the part of the management for harm incurred therein, in both Deep Speech and Primordial.

Meanwhile, in the carving room they found a much more elaborate tale depicting the War the constructs had referred to. Aladraian recognized the woman’s insignia, indicating her to be Oona, the mysterious Queen of the Fae, who had arrived millenia ago seeking the power of the Antediluvian. The lady of petals had torn a swathe through the peaceful aliens (known as the Tung), demanding the power of the Primordial.  When the Tung refused to stand down, she killed them without a second thought. Eventually, the child she had brought with her sought an end to the bloodshed, producing an ornate pendant, which he then used to put the Primordial to sleep. The final pictograms depicted the woman leaving in a rage, unable to claim the Primordial’s power.

Upon closer examination, the pendant bore distinctive markings that the party had seen before – including the ancestral family crest of Tuatha. Upon examining the pendant in their possession (the one containing the Antediluvian’s true name) the party was able to verify they were one and the same. Somehow, the Huntsman had stolen the very pendant the child had used from Ceylon. Remembering that the Namer Demon specified that he had given the Primordial’s name to Ceylon* but did not say when, Lachlan realized that the child depicted in the carving must be none other than the World Builder himself, making him impossibly old, even by elven standards.

The Huntsman’s gifts were not entirely spent however, as none other than Julie Greenleaf arrived bearing news of the goings on outside. Apparently Tuatha’s men had already made their way into the city in pursuit of the air seal, and while the assassins were attempting to waylay them they were met with limited success. Julie also came bearing a key made of sand fitted to the lock that on the door leading to the seal. Indeed, it opened the door flawlessly, despite its seeming fragility. Pondering the implications that the Huntsman himself might have gotten to the door before them in order to mold the key for their use, the party took a moment to be disturbed at his apparent omniscience/omnipresence before continuing on.

The door lead to a staircase framed on both sides by waterfalls, which the more superstitious Tung had once thrown gold coins into, possibly as part of a prayer ritual. At Crias’ insistence, the party stopped to examine them, and Aladraian used his awesome psionic powers to levitate a coin out as a memento. Disappointed at Zasahl’s reluctance to go treasure diving, the group opened the final door at the bottom of the stairs into a vast chamber containing the Primodial Water Seal and its guardians. Attempts at diplomacy with the Seal Guardian were largely unsuccessful, the party having opted to try to bluff it into helping them, or telling it the war had ended rather than claiming allegiance with a known ally of the time.

A loud rumbling followed by a rush of wind saw the guardians spontaneously grow wings, indicating Ceylon’s men had broken the air seal.

Aladraian quickly tried to turn it to his advantage, claiming the Fae Queen’s minions were attacking, prompting the constructs to enter an alert state. Upon noticing the Eladrin in their midst, they attacked. What followed was the toughest challenge the party had faced yet, with Knostril and Crias each staring death square in the eyes, and each coming back from the brink to fight on. Lachlan demonstrated his combat expertise, tearing chunks off the guardians even as he nimbly danced around them. Julie meanwhile sent the constructs scattering with well placed sling shots, demonstrating to the party the advantage of the deep pools nearby, which they could knock the guardians into, momentarily putting them out of commission. Zasahl spat waves of flame, keeping his friends healthy and his enemies charred, while Aladraian tossed guardians around like ragdolls. Despite an unfortunate friendly fire incident, the party eventually prevailed, felling the massive Gaurdian, while Crias put one of his subordinates into a dormant state for his own future purposes.

Pulling the watery heart from the Guardian’s corpse, the party was faced with a choice – they could arouse suspicion and danger in their fatigued state by completing the ritual or they could take an extended rest and risk ambush, but be better prepared to deal with it. What they soon realized was, the final seal could not be opened without the heart, meaning they could retreat to a safe place, rest there and come back when they were fully revitalized, dealing with whoever Ceylon had sent on their terms. They could safely allow Ceylon’s men to open the Earth Seal for them knowing they lacked the capability to finish the job. At that point, they need only eliminate Ceylon’s forces, perform the ritual, and decide whether to put the heart to sleep permanently (which would put the colony back to it’s previous state) or set it free and prevent anyone else from controlling it, (allowing life on Migdol to flourish once more).

As they began to leave, they considered the kinds of traps they could set and the favours the could call in to make their upcoming assault easier.

*A true name is far too long and complex for any mere mortal to remember, consisting of not just letters but ideas and concepts – because of this it cannot simply be written down, but must use a crystalline focus to project it into a mind until used.

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  1. aldowyn
    December 8, 2012 at 2:07 am

    So. Umm. They told me I should lie to the guardian. I was going to try and diplomacy it further by telling it the truth and trying to get it to help us voluntarily.

    Not my fault I rolled a 3 and only have a +2 bluff check!

    • Desgardes
      December 9, 2012 at 2:24 pm

      >:[ I don’t blame anyone else for my bluff rolls. I just blame you for letting me continue to do them.

  2. The Specktre
    December 8, 2012 at 4:24 pm

    So a Primordial’s true name is like Entish? Telling the story of that individual? 😛

    • December 8, 2012 at 5:00 pm

      I’ll explain in a blog post.

  3. December 11, 2012 at 8:40 am

    So, what’s the plan? In-character, I’d say Zasahl is a fan of short rest, then move forward to do whatever we want to do. Out-of-character, I quite like the ‘wait in the hidden tunnels for Ceylon’s men to show up’ idea, though we of course don’t know how *many* men Ceylon has.

    Also, what happens after we break the third seal? Is Ceylon already *at* the heart? What then?

  1. December 8, 2012 at 5:35 pm

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