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Session 9: The Root of the Problem

Having buried the preserved demon corpse in the sand, under a cairn of debris (despite Crias requests to resurrect it for interrogation), the party made their way into the city. It quickly became obvious that they were in the district corresponding to the water seal due to the prevalence of canals to the side of the stone pathways. While there they noticed the city had almost been built over by newer architecture – roughly hewn braces, walls and arches adorned smooth stone, with rusted gates hanging from their hinges across empty streets. The group came across a fountain with a variety of directions on them, as well as sculptures of Those Who Came Before, each one apparently corresponding to a specific seal. Those Who Came Before were roughly humanoid, with blunt beaks, pointed almost elven ears and notable head crests instead of hair. Much like their spirits, they appeared to be augmented by metallic limbs, with no discernible pattern. Lachlan was able to reactivate the fading enchantment on the fountain, and it was discerned this place had been abandoned for millennia.

Following the directions on the fountain, the party made their way to the water temple – a building seemingly untouched by the renovations that pervaded the rest of the city. Upon entering they found it the lobby to be edged by clear water pools, in which were built statues much like those on the fountain. Opposite them were four metal constructs holding spears, twitching and creaking, apparently not noticing the intruders. Aladraian noticed the statues (not the constructs) were holding glowing glass orbs, and attempted to remove one, only to be sternly told in deep speech by the constructs to “look but do not touch”. As the statues spoke, the carvings of various runes and other characters began to glow, subtitling their speech for the hard of hearing.

Aladraian began to interrogate them on the history of the temple and was informed that it was “The Temple of Sadness”, built to contain a being they referred to as “The Antediluvian” – their name for the primordial. They stated that it could not be unsealed until the Great War concluded, but were unable to provide further information, recommending the party seek a cleric for more up to date advice. As this was happening, Zasahl and Lachlan were exploring a nearby corridor. Lachlan spotted some larger guards in an adjacent room built around a lovely waterfall, as well as a variety of metallic spiders doing something to a metal root that had grown through a doorway.

Unable to resist the urge to investigate, and having not heard the statue’s request, he poked one with a stick causing them to immediately stop what they were doing and mob him. The others rushed to his aid, Crias noticing and exploiting a secret passage in the wall to arrive sooner, while Zasahl used the benevolent powers of Bahamut to heal Lachlan’s wounds. The party had to contend with all the temple guardians in the room, though curiously the ones in the lobby did not become hostile. Lachlan was easily able to out-maneuver the larger ones, slicing gaping wounds in the gaps between their metal plating. Meanwhile, the brutes lashed out with liquid metal spears which became electrified whips, splattering Zasahl and Knostril with high-voltage goo. Eventually, the party crushed the resistance, watching the brutes melt away until humanoid skeletons remained. The final spider to be killed knocked one of the glass orbs off a statue near the waterfall revealing a metallic base and a lack of enchantment.

With some time to explore, the party split to investigate the secret passage, and the adjacent rooms. Both adjacent rooms were empty, but the walls were covered in carved murals. The first one was uncovered by Aladraian, and contained depictions of a massive, hexapodal Ankylosaurus-like beast with pipes growing from it’s back. It was surrounded by devoted worshippers, and was labelled “The Antediluvian”. The second was examined by Knostril who saw depictions of Those Who Came Before living on the mountain back when it was a lush and fertile, if alien landscape. The area seemed to be cris-crossed with a lattice of pipes, some of which spouted air or steam, others of which spilled water, which the villagers were able to use for survival and agriculture. Some others were dressed as shamans, barbarians or other tribal positions, each going about their lives. To the side however was someone new – a feminine figure, wreathed in flowers, with butterfly wings looking sternly toward the scene of prosperity, while a small elven child hid behind her legs looking fearful.

While all this was happening, Zasahl, Lachlan and Crias had explored the passageway, uncovering an exit to an empty hallway, which they opened. The hall had two doors, one of which Zasahl carefully opened, revealing a series of guards much like they had spoken to and fought earlier (though they merely stood there twitching). Crias meanwhile decided rather than open it, he would kick it down, knocking the thing off it’s ancient hinges to reveal a library of bronze tablets and rather irritated looking spiderbots. Fortunately for everyone, the spiders could not leave the room, and their terrible AI was easily circumvented by Aladraian walking up and telling them he came in peace, seeking information. Apparently the spiders were programmed to understand Primordial. In fact, many of the carvings around the area included primordial translations.

Aladraian then managed to find the ritual the party was looking for – an official looking document stating that it must only be used once the war was over. It detailed an incantation the party must speak while spilling the blood of the Seal Guardian and hoping for the rebirth of a new world.

Let the Water God weep once more, so that our hope may be born of its despair.

At this point, Crias decided the best way to continue would be by claiming to be a Primordial Avatar*. His bluff was unsuccessful, and the guardians in the nearby room informed him the Seal must only be broken at the end of the Great War, and to please not touch anything. Undeterred he informed them the war had been over for millenia, which they claimed could not possibly be the case as “She” still lives. Exactly who “she” is is unknown though the party suspected the Astrosage (perhaps one of her preincarnations?), The Matriarch Wyrm or even another Primordial.

Although, if you’ve been paying attention to the descriptions, you might have some idea already.

*Fun Fact: Whether or not Primordials even have avatars is a fact neither Crias nor the temple guardians actually know. They don’t.

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  1. aldowyn
    December 7, 2012 at 12:06 am

    ‘To the side however was someone new – a feminine figure, wreathed in flowers, with butterfly wings looking sternly toward the scene of prosperity, while a small elven child hid behind her legs looking fearful.’

    Could it be anyone but Oona, the Fey Queen herself? I mean… ‘a truly ancient genius loci whose primal tendrils have shaped an entire planet’s ecosystem for millennia or possibly longer.’ – that sounds an awful lot like a primordial, doesn’t it? And she’s also called the ‘lady of petals’ – sounds an awful lot like ‘a feminine figure, wreathed in flowers’ to me!

    *shrug* Let’s see if Aladraian can make the connection tomorrow! (this afternoon, rather…)

    • The Specktre
      December 7, 2012 at 9:24 am

      Part of me feels silly for not thinking of that, but I guess from my understanding when I read the text, the Fey Queen didn’t possess a humanoid form. I suppose that doesn’t really mean anything though… :/

      • December 7, 2012 at 11:57 pm

        The difference between Oona and the other icons is she really doesn’t have her own form outside of Feywilde itself, but she manifests dryad representatives that look the way I described to do her bidding offworld.

  2. December 7, 2012 at 12:17 am

    I would like to point out that next to ‘using the benevolent powers of Bahamut to close wounds’, I also melted three robot spiders by breating fire at them. Because I am part dragon.

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