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Session 8: Demons and Decapitations

As the party approached the Whetstone-Tuatha patrol, they took a brief moment to discuss amongst themselves what would be the best plan of approach. They managed to identify two of Knostril’s fellow dwarven guardsmen (Jimi and Blein) and a pair of elves, being lead by a third dwarf who wore the uniform of Ceylon’s personal guard. Jimi and Blein looked none too happy with being subject to the whims of an off-worlder, but the elves were considerably more relaxed, and eventually spotted the group, despite their best efforts to make the most of the fact that talking is a free action*. The elves spotted the party, and their leader insisted the group come forth to meet them face to face.

He did not give his name, addressing himself only as one of The World Builder’s Hunters – a group of pay-rolled bounty hunters used to track down undesirables on the outskirts of civilized space. Most of the party, aside from Lachlan agreed to do so, the latter staying behind rather than risk confrontation or apprehension with a potential group of hostiles. The Hunter informed the group that he and his men had been dispatched to track down a group of saboteurs matching their descriptions that had been ordered to enter Kraall’s tower, and had subsequently been responsible for the colony’s dismantlement. Despite his gruff demeanour, his subordinates, particularly the dwarves seemed less than invested in such a task, particularly knowing one of their compatriots was one of the accused.

The party began ham-handedly attempting to bluff the Hunter into thinking a) they were not the party he was looking for, it  was totally those other guys with the gnome illusionist, b) They were reporting to Tuatha with their own business (which didn’t really alleviate suspicion at all), and c) they were on an important mission from The Enlightened One and could not be disturbed. Throughout this, Crias made sure to get up in everybody’s personal space as much as possible, and nearly provoked a fight until Zasahl covered for him. Specifically he decided the group would probably be highly receptive to anti-gnomish racism, not knowing that one of the elves had a gnomish step-brother. It wasn’t the most suave he’d ever been.

That elf however was a bit more receptive to knowing Zasahl had a relationship with The Enlightened One and attempted to convince his superior to go easy on the group. Meanwhile said irate dwarf was having none of it, and the party’s rather feeble attempts to dupe him did not go unnoticed. Knostril meanwhile attempted to undermine his authority directly by convincing Jimi and Blein their superior was out of line. The Hunter, growing increasingly frustrated began insisting the party surrender or die, trying to remind his companions they had in fact destroyed the colony. Knostril meanwhile had had it with The Hunter’s unjust accusations, and almost struck the first blow, when Crias, for reasons not really clear to anyone involved but probably related to wanting to throw the first punch personally, decided to tackle him out of the way.

The Hunter was understandable shocked and confused by this turn of events, when Zasahl tried one last attempt to calm him down, offering him one last chance to settle this civilly. Unfortunately, The Hunter had something else in mind:

I know your mission, but your pathetic gods have no sway over The World Broker!

At which point he yelled out that the group had admitted their crimes and took a swing with his Morning Star at Zasahl. The blow failed to connect but the fight had begun. What he did not expect was that Jimi and Blein had taken a strong disliking to him and had no intention of protecting him from the beatdown that followed.

Knostril punched the Hunter in the face and he barely had time to summon a thicket of tangling vines before Zasahl (unintentionally) caved his head in with his own morning star.  Black, corrosive blood went everywhere as the demon who had been masquerading as the Hunter was smitten by Bahamut’s holy light. The ranger who Crias had insulted dropped his weapons shortly after, while the Archer took a stab at Aladraian. This resulted in him being pushed 15 feet backwards by a telekinetic blast and promptly panicking, at which point he too was easily intimidated into submission.

Their boss’s true nature revealed, the Whetstone-Tuathan guards were easily convinced to attempt to organize a resistance against their employer, with Jimi and Blein spearheading their efforts at Knostril’s request. Zasahl used the Graceful repose ritual to prevent the demonic corpse, which had since resumed its true, slightly reptilian form from decaying, so that it could be used as evidence against Tuatha. Crias decided the best course of action would be to take a sample of its corrosive blood, while the rest of the party planned their next move.

They identified four districts of the city, but could not tell which they were adjacent to, and spotted vines descending from the colony where other Whetstone-Tuatha personnel were descending into the city proper. They determined the order the seals should be broken in was more a function of practicality than part of any known enchantment, and that each district was centered around an ornate, temple-like building, but were unable to determine much more without getting a firsthand look at the city itself.

*Speaking a couple of sentences is a free action, but there is actually a word limit in the player’s handbook. More advanced talking stuff takes longer – intimidation for example is a standard action. The party would dearly like me to forget this rule exists, but the alternative is imagining they sound like  super fast talking chipmunks talking and frankly that’s not going to happen.

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  1. November 30, 2012 at 3:35 am

    …when Zasahl tried one last attempt to calm him down, offering him one last chance to settle this civilly…

    I tried to Intimidate him out of fighting. What I said wasn’t particularly civil.

    • November 30, 2012 at 1:28 pm

      When compared to pulping his skull with a Morning Star, it totally was.

  2. November 30, 2012 at 4:47 am

    ‘while the Archer took a stab at Aladraian. This resulted in him being pushed 15 feet backwards by a telekinetic blast and promptly panicking, at which point he too was easily intimidated into submission.’

    And all was exactly as it should be…

  3. The Specktre
    November 30, 2012 at 7:39 am

    Zasahl hit the hunter with his morningstar? I thought he punched him. 0.o

    • November 30, 2012 at 1:29 pm

      You were the one punching, the rest of the party had weapons.

  1. December 5, 2012 at 9:43 am

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