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Session 7: The Sage

Next session might be a bit off-schedule, let me know when you guys want to do it.


As the party awoke to find Julie had wandered off and the Assassins were preparing to leave. As Crias examined the metal root near the camp he noticed that it was in fact alive, and it nearly threw him off. While those shenanigans were occurring, the group noticed that the various islands of the colony were sprouting vines – the people aboard them (specifically druids and wardens) evidently trying to arrange transport between the various islands. Crias had changed colour over night and gained the power of flight, while Aladraian’s staff had opened his mind to a wealth of new languages gleaned from the thoughts of those around him. Meanwhile, Bahamut had appeared to Zasahl in a dream and taught him the art of using his breath weapon to heal his allies, knowing that he would need it in the trials to come.

They reflected on what they knew of the Primordials – that they were truly ancient, godlike beings of myth whose only contact with mortals had been in fairy tales and stories. They knew that Primordials would sometimes reward good deeds by bringing prosperity to a village, but in order to communicate with them, you have to speak their language (Primordial). The only other thing they knew is that the Primordials predated the Gods, and were mostly wiped out or banished by them. As this occurred the Assassins started wandering off.

The party objected to them just leaving, despite them having said they meant to help the people of the colony, and the issue of how far any one group could trust the other arose. The Assassins said they were letting the party deal with the seals because they were less likely to be turned into Tuatha, while at this point nobody trusted the assassins enough to take them at their word. They also realised that none of them had any idea what the Huntsman was getting out of this. When it was realized that this impasse could not be resolved without proof, Lib used the orrery to contact the Astrosage herself to clarify things.

After a short introduction, she explained that once Kraall had exhausted the demon he was contacting, he went to her, and she personally captured and bound the Namer Devil that had given Tuatha the Primordial’s name. Rather than waste time with hearsay or visions she summoned the demon itself in magical chains to the campsite, and had it explain personally, having compelled it to speak the truth when asked. The devil claimed to have been found by Tuatha living at the centre of the galaxy, where it was hiding from its kin. It was extremely old and not only collected names but would often broker them for power. The bargain it had made with Ceylon was that when the Primordial awoke, it would be given the souls of anyone he didn’t decide to keep for himself. The demon however was sure that Ceylon would not be able to control the Primordial, and that it would use his power to resurrect itself to its full power.

It also revealed that Tuatha had deals with many demons, giving them positions of power and funding in exchange for their arcane magic, and that it would be impossible to convince them to break their deals because of how valuable that support was. Aladraian asked it about the Bellerephon Cascade, which it dismissed as irrelevant, while Crias chose to test it. Zasahl had long since stepped out of the conversation because he wasn’t willing to speak with an actual real life Devil. The devil was able to tell Crias his own name, but was uninformed as to the World Builder’s Plans beyond the scope of their deal. The party then got to arguing what to do with the demon, so the Astrosage lit a minature supernova within it, reducing it to ash, much to Aladraian’s distress. She assured him she knew the names he had learned and invited him to discuss them if he was that curious, but reminded the party that lives were at stake, specifically their own.

At this point Kraall’s tower burst into flames in the distance, as Ceylon discovered Crias’ handiwork. She also reminded them that summoning a bound demon was the kind of thing Ceylon would probably be able to notice, and so they should probably leave. She offered to take Kraall’s soul into her custody so he could be raised, and informed the party that Yorick had been resurrected – the party having told Tuatha about his plight earlier. The group of course objected but the Sage handed them an original copy of Kraall’s notes on the primordial seal, to the shock of Crias who grabbed her arm and was shown firsthand that she had opened a wormhole in the orrery to do so.

The notes stated that there were four seals, each corresponding to an aspect of the Primordial – Earth, Water, Metal and Air, and that a sufficiently powerful blast of arcane energy was enough to break them. The metal seal had already been opened when the group flew through the leyline, hence the colony’s rearrangement. The notes stated that each seal had a specific ritual that must be performed to unlock them, and that doing so would fully awaken the Primordial heart, essentially bringing the planet to life whether people liked it or not. These seals and the rituals could be found within temples in their respective districts within the ancient city and presumably each one would have cataclysmic results the way the Metal Seal did if they were broken. For that reason the group would have to be careful which order they unlocked them in.

Armed with an actual plan and the means to achieve it, the group then left for the city, coming to a gap in the crater wall, just in time to run into a group of elves and dwarves wearing Whetstone-Tuatha colours heading into the forest, presumably looking for them. Knostril had been hoping to see some of his dwarven compatriots, so the party hopes to enlist their aid.

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  1. November 19, 2012 at 7:57 am

    If we’re going to meet during the week after Thanksgiving weekend, Wednesday would work best for me. Tuesdays don’t work very well, and I think someone said Monday was a problem (it wouldn’t be for me). As far as time, our normal time or an hour, hour and a half earlier (I get out of class two hours before our normal time)

    Also… I missed the tower getting burned. It makes me sad, that was a cool tower đŸ˜¦

    • The Specktre
      November 19, 2012 at 6:59 pm

      Yeah, Monday is horrible for me; it’s practically a twelve-hour day. Any other day at, or after, four my time (-6 GMT–wait does that include DLS? *&^%!!!) *should* work though.

    • November 20, 2012 at 3:25 pm

      • November 23, 2012 at 7:32 am

        Ooh, are we doing Nicolas Cage?

        Pyradox :

        • November 23, 2012 at 7:33 am

          I have no idea what went wrong there.

    • November 23, 2012 at 7:31 am

      Wednesdays work best for me mid-week wise as well.

  1. November 28, 2012 at 8:53 am

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