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Session 5: Calamity

With the party having regained consciousness they set to work dealing with the engine situation. Luckily, Julie had shown up and was able to help. They identified that it had overloaded after being disconnected from several systems and was currently hypercharging the door systems. The group set out to find a control room, and after locating the observation deck, Kraall’s bedroom and a room full of replacement mechanical parts  they managed to do just that. Kraall’s bedroom held a diagram of a massive arcane leyline running straight through the colony, but Aladraian dismissed it. They then set to messing around with the settings in the control room, redirecting power to the shields for the time being, thus allowing the tower to vent its excess power into them. This had the unintended side effect of blasting away most of the nearby ground and rendering the tower, now clearly revealed to be a spaceship, unstable.

They immediately set to putting out the raging fire, using one of two enchantment-triggering buckets that caused torrential rain in whatever room they were emptied in. This did the trick and Crias, for reasons that are not clear to anyone at all, promptly used the second bucket to douse Kraall’s study, destroying the remainder of his notes, charts, journals, tomes and scrolls. Aladraian was then able to repair power to two systems – the air conditioning and the engines, which promptly ignited, sending the group on a pre-planned course straight through the leyline.

As Aladraian struggled to regain control of the ship, Zasahl prayed in the observation deck, watching the ground recede and the tower turn to fly over the colony. His prayers might have been answered as Phillipe, the giant aerosquid showed up and smashed his way through the observation deck window. Crias noticed and tried to calm Phillipe down, only to find out that Phillipe was being ridden by Druid Bob, a gnome, the elf from the shooting range and a female dragonborn, who Crias immediately (and correctly) pinned as Yorick’s killer. Perplexingly they did not appear hostile, and instead invited the party down onto the squid with them.

His paranoia vindicated, Crias immediately leaped down, executing a fantastic acrobatic maneuver that impressed all who saw it, with the intent to just kill the assassins immediately. Zasahl clumsily jumped after him, and landed on the vengeful warden. He was followed by Julie, who landed on the two even more clumsily. At this point, Knostril and Lachlan entered and wondered what the hell was going on. The assassin’s shouts to join them were met with confusion and Bob revealed himself to be an agent of the Huntsman. Meanwhile, Aladraian had managed to gain control of the ship, but not before it flew through the village’s leyline.

With the leyline charged, the primal heart that it pierced was invigorated and the unstable reaction from the two sources caused it to begin reasserting the nature this planet once posessed. The lighting bubbles popped and the colony began glowing. Spikes of living metal shot out from within the mountain, skewering chunks of Ferrosa on their jagged ends, tearing the colony apart and suspending the chunks in the air. The Assassins informed the party that this was exactly what they had been sent by the Astrosage to stop, and by killing Kraall they thought they had foiled the World Builder’s plan. They assured the party that the huntsman’s patronage would hide them and implored them to join them, which Knostril and Lachlan did. Meanwhile, Aladraian was able to reprogram the autopilot to send the tower back to the spaceport before jumping down himself. From their vantage point they could see the buried city within the mountain, now revealed to the surface world for the first time in untold centuries.

As they sailed down to the forest, the assassins relayed the Sage’s instructions, explaining what they believed to be The World Builder’s plan. The unique nature of Ferrosa trapped the souls of the dead, allowing them to be deposited into new bodies after an arbitrary amount of time. The Sage believed that if Tuatha were given control of this process he would have untold power over life and death – preserving those he wanted kept, eliminating those he wanted gone without a chance of conventional resurrection, and selling the remaining bodies to the highest otherworldly bidders. The fact the Touchdown festival attracted a lot of powerful aristocratic types makes this a disturbing possibility.  She contacted the Huntsman an the two conspired to stop it, sending in a team of assassins, and calling in a favour that Druid Bob owed to shelter them. Unfortunately the job didn’t go as smoothly as planned – They were spotted by Yorick and Dak’kel, the dragonborn killed him to silence him, a fact she appeared uneasy with. They proceeded to nearly kill Kraall, but the subsequent lightning strike forced them to flee before the job could be verified. Upon discovering his possession they speculated Tuatha’s intervention and resolved to keep an eye on the situation.

The tower taking off confirmed their fears that his plan was still in motion. Unable to stop the colony from being destroyed, and suspecting the World Builder would try to silence his pawns, they set out on Phillipe to investigate, and potentially recruit some new allies. Whether they were correct or the party will simply kill them for their crimes (or worse, give them up to Tuatha) is not yet known, but the group have convened in the assassin’s camp, where they are deciding what to do next. Luckily, Aladraian’s piloting abilities should have thrown Tuatha off their tracks for now, as he should still believe the group to be in the tower. Of course, Phillipe isn’t exactly inconspicuous so whether Bob was correct in suggesting that they would be concealed is far from certain.

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  1. aldowyn
    November 3, 2012 at 1:55 pm

    I only dismissed the leyline because I didn’t think it would matter. “It’s interesting, but we have more pressing matters”. I figured it would just enhance the engines effectively allowing it to boost away from the colony faster, not cause a colony-wide catastrophe..

    Plus I wasn’t expecting the power to automatically route to the ENGINES when I fixed the battery :/

    I’m also wondering if it would have been possible for me to manage to turn the ship around before it hit the leyline? That would have been a HUGE change in the story. In character I tried to disable autopilot and take us to the spaceport essentially as soon as Jarenth (Zasahl, rather) confirmed we’d launched…

    • November 3, 2012 at 2:18 pm

      Maybe you should have disabled the engine before tampering with where the power was going. Recall that the only reason you didn’t was because it powered the door systems and you suspected you’d be trapped, shortly before you de-powered the doors anyway when you re-routed power to the shields. Luckily the tower was apparently arranged very intuitively when it wasn’t bending space, and all the rooms corresponded to actual physical locations within the tower, the door systems just rearranged them to be easier to access.

      The Leyline node was too close to avoid by the time you regained control – it’s not that high above the mountain, but yeah – you were actually all set to have not launched the tower in the first place. Luckily you didn’t bother identifying the systems or specifying which you wanted to restore power to before just fixing a pair at random. But yeah, you could’ve easily not launched the ship (although I admit to spending the entire first half of the session hoping you would) and the campaign would’ve been way more boring.

      In fact in my original draft this tower wasn’t a spaceship at all – you guys decided it was upon seeing the repurposed engine and I just went with it. I mean have you seen that thing on the map? It’s like the opposite of aerodynamic and made of metal – it would burn up and fall apart upon entering an atmosphere. Luckily it’s magic so that doesn’t matter. Another example of the story changing to reflect in-game events is the involvement of the Astrosage which was caused by a random dice roll I made when I got bored of Knostril stalling last session. The plan is, as always to simply go with either the most awesome of potential options, or whatever you guys come up with.

      Anyway, you did miss a thing on the Leyline diagram that would’ve hinted towards this plan, and Crias has destroyed all of Kraall’s other notes, so you’re probably not going to find out why this particular voyage was significant until later.

      • aldowyn
        November 3, 2012 at 2:42 pm

        I assumed I was giving it the CAPABILITY to reroute the power, not automatically doing that when I did that. I was already thinking about which two systems I was giving it to, and then BOOM tower launched. I would have examined the diagram more closely, but I was in a BIT of a hurry. Technically we MIGHT be able to get to the tower again, but it’s probably under guard by Ceylon, so we’ll see.

        Also it’s hilarious that it wasn’t originally a spaceship. That’s pretty convincing evidence of impressive flexibility in the plot. I hope the same thing didn’t happen with Crias’ paranoia concerning Druid Bob?

        • November 3, 2012 at 2:52 pm

          Druid Bob was at first an anonymous token I intended to just be a one shot character, then you guys kept talking to him. Him working for the Huntsman was decided shortly after that – if you guys had used a Huntsman relationship roll he’d have revealed himself to help out – maybe helped you track down the assassins.

          Him working with them instead was much more recent, mainly because I thought it’d be funny to reward Crias’ rampant paranoia, but also because of that Astrosage roll shifting up the politics a bit.

  2. aldowyn
    November 3, 2012 at 2:06 pm

    Okay, we’re discussing plans at least partially here, right? Well, I still have some questions to ask them, (I didn’t get a chance while we were playing, esp. since my mic is/was acting up), including exactly why they sabotaged the ship with us in it. That’s the only reason we ended up launching, so the calamity is really THEIR fault, not ours. Also if they have any idea where Kraall is, since although we solved our mystery, I still have personal reasons to talk to him.

    As far as what to actually DO next, we have two main leads as I see it: Ceylon’s scheme, and Faraday’s interest in the Bellerephon Cascade. In-character, I REALLY want to figure out what Faraday is doing (which also needs us to talk to Kraall), but I acknowledge Ceylon’s (alleged) plan needs to be stopped.

    Again, the question is twofold. 1: Do we trust Druid Bob and the others? I don’t, particularly, although if they have proof of their association with the Astrosage I’d definitely be more inclined to.

    Assuming that IS Ceylon’s plan, the second part is: How do we stop Ceylon? I’m assuming we have no chance of stopping him forcefully (although we may in a 10v1), and we don’t really have PROOF that we can take to, say, the Emerald Council (although that’s an idea). What do you guys think?

    • November 3, 2012 at 2:32 pm

      You don’t have to kill Ceylon to stop him, or even fight him. The icons by nature are epic level characters and not the kind of guys you want to enter into combat with, especially at this level. Of course, you have a lot of other options, plus the support of two other icons, if indeed you want to stop him at all. You could always just join him – the guy’s a philanthropist who makes a living setting up colonies for people to explore new worlds, he may have nothing but noble intentions for this place. An obvious explanation would be, he may want to prevent the Primordial heart from falling into the hands of less scrupulous icons – what could the Matriarch Wyrm do with a resource like this? Probably nothing good.

      Because as of now, the only evidence to his corruption are the words of Druid Bob, and the assassins he’s working with. You don’t know the extent of what the ‘Sage saw, and the Huntsman is likely to have joined solely to sabotage him. Or he could be planning on betraying them both and taking the heart for himself. What you have are several groups with their own agendas here – you can go along with them, or you could play them off against one another. Who says you can’t take the power of the Primordial Heart for yourself?

      • aldowyn
        November 3, 2012 at 2:47 pm

        Lots of good points. I’m thinking a likely source of action is to ask the other party what they think Ceylon is planning, and possibly talk to the Astrosage and see her take if we can. Probably after that confronting Ceylon and getting his side of the story, but I want some leverage before we do that, just in case.

        As far as taking the power for ourselves… Hmm. That’s way bigger in scope than I would have thought of, I’m used to PCs doing things in service of people like the Icons instead of going for direct power like that. That’s a good thing, though. In character I’m way more focused on just FINDING faraday to worry about power. And I care more about power through knowledge than something like this.

        All that said we should probably give the others a chance to comment before completely dominating the discussion 😀

        • November 4, 2012 at 12:26 am

          The problem is that we don’t actually know anything. It’s all hearsay. So far the assassin party seems friendly, but Boboroska lied to us and Dak’kel killed a man in cold blood (HAHA GET IT SHE IS A LIZARD) where nonlethal methods might have worked as well. They’re definitely killers, is what I’m saying.

          I’m still not 100% on how these relationships work. Can I just go ‘Hey, I need some help from one of the most powerful factions on the universe’ and invoke a roll? Because if so, I am in good standing with the high cleric of the literal Goddess of Knowledge.

          And if I did that, would it have consequences down the line? No, wait, don’t answer that, I already know.

          • November 4, 2012 at 1:51 am

            How do you know Bob lied? He said he’s paying off a favour – the extent of it could be controlling the squid. His allegiance is in question, sure – but you need some more facts. That said, you’re in their camp, if they have any proof to their claims you’re welcome to demand it. Though bear in mind you have verified a few facts on your own. You know enough about this place firsthand to know their story is plausible.

            Relationship rolls require you to role play a bit. It’s not enough to ask for help, you have to come up with a way you could plausibly leverage your relationship to get a result. “I want the Astrosage to do my bidding” is not a roll unless she personally owes you a favour. “I’m in good standing with the Astroage so I recite her secret passphrase to verify their allegiance” would be more plausible. A successful roll would then tell you if they were your allies or not, while a complicated success might have them respond correctly, but you were overheard by Bob who shouldn’t be allowed to know the phrase. A failure might have them reply “We’re mercenaries and weren’t given a phrase, you’ll just have to trust us”.

            She may not have an actual passprase but you can totally make that a thing if the dice say you succeed.

            Not sure where The Enlightened One fits in but if you can justify it, go right ahead. You could always just look for one of his seals. Who knows? he might have anticipated your need.

            • November 4, 2012 at 3:03 am

              “Hey, druid Bob. You happen to know anything about this guy who was murdered here?”

              “Nope. Never seen him before in my life.”

              Unless Bob has a weird, one-off party relation with the other three, I’m going to peg this as untrue

        • November 5, 2012 at 6:53 am

          I’d say Knostril is pretty cheesed. He’s not happy with the murder of Yorick, he’s not happy about Kraall’s ‘murder’, and he’s not happy with Crias’ destruction of property. He’s also, of course, VERY angry with the assassins, the involvement of the Huntsmen, and the fact that his home of the last few years seems to be blowing up. He knows his place as guard and is loyal to WT (though technically more to the Whetstone half), and is all for turning the assassins in to Lord Tuatha. One would say he’s more insistent rather than voting due to the fact that he sees pretty much the whole party as his (and Julie’s) charges. Also, for slapping Crias on the wrists at the very least.

  1. November 13, 2012 at 10:57 am

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