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Session 3: The Bellerephon Cascade

As a note, I’m expecting people to get to level 2 as of next session, provided they escape the burning tower. I’m tracking XP kind of informally and I figure level ups will be at suitably dramatic moments, rather than after an arbitrary point total. If you want I can try formalize the whole thing a bit more, but I think it’ll be more fun to have level ups be defined by something awesome happening instead.


As our heroes were debating what to do, Aladraian returned with help from the colonists. The Duchess, after initially discovering Yorick, panicking and flinging wild accusations at the group sent a bunch of people to dig out the entrapped druids, while asking the party to investigate the assassination covertly so as not to cause a panic. She, meanwhile would post guards around the shuttle bay and attempt to keep the Assassins from fleeing. Zasahl was able to clear his own name thorugh Yorick’s testimony that the assassin who killed him was female. Unless there’s some really weird alternate universe time travel going on. They decided the best way to do this would be to investigate Kraall’s tower, in case his soul was bound to it, or in case there would be anything suggesting a motive for people to kill him. They noticed the lightning storm had been coalesced into a series of water globes filled with arcing electricity.

On the way, they encountered Ceylon Tuatha, who thanked them for dealing with the Biome problem, agreed to look into the matter of Yorick’s ghost, and took an immediate interest in his possessed friend. Tuatha, being familiar with the history of this place, was able to interpret for the spirit in Kraall’s body who referred to herself as “Glissa of the Caverns”. She informed them that she “lived” within the mountain on which Ferrosa is built, in a subterranean village. He offered to answer the group’s questions as promised, but they instead asked his help in getting by Kraall’s defenses first. He agreed on the condition he could be allowed to continue to question Glissa, which the party agreed to allow. Despite evidence that Tuatha was some kind of Paradox Warlock.

Ceylon opened Kraall’s door by reverting the wood into seedlings, and the party began exploring. Crias came across a fancy walking stick engraved with the eye Seal of Grayson Faraday (Note: The Faraday corps symbol is identical, but with a star, not a galaxy as the eye’s “pupil”). They also broke into a room containing an active starship engine hooked up to an Arcane battery, and a small closet that Kraall had apparently been painting with a substance that resembles space when applied. The paint was wet so Zasahl and Crias began trekking nebulae through the hall. Lachlan meanwhile found a spyglass that seems to clearly show shadows but not people. In the next room, rather than a spiral staricase they found a grand hall, with a series of sliding staircases leading to various doorways set at varying heights along the walls. One was a kitchen (Kraall likes spicy food), while another seemed to be a portal leading to the other side of the room. However, upon being approached by Aladraian, holding the Psionstaff the portal shifted to a room full of Kraall’s Faraday corps memorabilia. The room was protected by an psychic effect that caused individuals with will less than 15 to lose interest in it.

It seemed Kraall had once been Faraday’s personal apprentice, and while he was not a psion (indeed Faraday has no restrictions on those he takes as apprentices) he had worked closely with the Corps. There were several portraits of old campaigns and star maps,  as well as a crystal containing a memory of the day he shot down a craft of escaping convicts, only to find out later that his sister Pyxis was one of them. Pyxis Tyrulian was a pyromancer, who had evidently become estranged from her family and incarcerated.

Moving on, the group managed to access his study, coming across scattered papers suggesting that Kraal was aware of Ceylon’s arcane dealings, and confronted him about them. He had also done some research into the Primordial Seals below the village, and theorised that they could be opened somehow. Perhaps if Glissa had been available she might have been able to offer some insight, especially now that they had a mind reader, but as it stands they’ll have to go back for her. Nonetheless, Aladraian came across a locked journal, which Crias promptly attempted to shock, and the resulting clash of enchantments drained the two effects, bringing the leatherbound volume to life. It has roughly the personality of a spiteful cat, but none of the ability to move.

This explains why natural paradox mages are so rare.

The diary contained an account of Kraall meeting Grayson Faraday, who seemed interested in the Bellerephon Cascade – an obscure nebula with strange and unpredictable properties. He then left his walking stick with Kraall and vanished not long after. At this point, his whereabouts is completely unknown, though the Corps has denied it. As they continued to search through Kraall’s stuff, they began hearing an ever louder hum. Moving downstairs they saw the door locked, the Arcane battery ablaze and the entrance regrown into sturdy, regenerating oak trees that could not be felled despite Knostril’s best efforts. Suspicious Draconic footprints lead from the star closet to the door, meaning the assassins seem to be involved. Their attempts to fell the trees unsuccessful, the party will have to search through Kraall’s abandoned, chaotic tower to hopefully find another exit.

Or be burned alive in arcane fire.


At this point, the killers could be working for any of the icons except Grayson Faraday, on account of him being missing and that making no sense.

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  1. October 21, 2012 at 11:51 pm

    Aaaaaah. See, I didn’t pick up on that earlier.

  2. October 22, 2012 at 12:54 am

    Sooo this entire session was basically me running around with my magic stick I stole *ahem* borrowed and arcana knowledge opening doors and figuring stuff out 😀

    And Crias turning the book into a catbook. Or is that book-cat?

    Also fire.

  3. October 24, 2012 at 6:37 am

    So glad you do these recaps, especially considering my temporary deafness.

  1. October 24, 2012 at 8:33 am

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