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Setting: Whetstone-Tuatha

Who are Whetstone-Tuatha?

To run a colony you need gold. Lots of gold, and nobody wants to make a deal with a dragon. That’s where Whetstone-Tuatha comes in – an Eladrin/Dwarven cooperative between two highly successful organisations dedicated to the welfare of colonists. In an age of space travel, the only names you’re ever likely to see more than once or twice a decade are the biggest of the big – the guys who got in on the space travel business back when it was still being founded and were able to ride it all the way to the elemental demiplane of gold, which is what the inside of their treasure vaults resembles.


The Order of the Platinum Whetstone was an ancient Dwarven order of weaponsmiths known for their willingness to mass produce high quality weapons and armour for anyone willing to pay. Known for their business savvy the Order has made countless riches supplying adventurers, explorers and governments, eventually leading to their alliance with the Children of Tuatha. Their insignia, a silver ‘W’ is said to be a symbolic of their commitment to quality, however that claim is hotly debated by almost every other Dwarven clan.


The Children of Tuatha were a druidic order of Eladrin who originated in the Tuatha forest back on the Motherrock, though their members have swelled to include all walks of life. They are committed to the study and preservation of nature wherever it lies and to that end dedicate themselves to exploring and charting the cosmos. They often travel with colonists, catering to their survival needs as long as they proceed in peace and in the spirit of exploration. Having a Tuatha druid or appointed representative with you opens a lot of doors in polite society. They joined with the Order out of the necessity – not all foreign life is friendly, and they can’t be around to babysit colonists all the time. Their insignia – a T with leafy branches resembles the birch trees that grew where they once originated, though that forest is long gone now.

Dealing with them

The two parties play well in theory, but in practice they have a lot of disagreements – an armed colonist is a colonist tempted to kill a funny looking alien, and an unarmed colonist is probably either too dead to be a customer or some sort of mage. To that end there’s some competition in the ranks and though they’d never admit to it in public, the two halves of the alliance are always looking for ways to improve their negotiating positions. Understanding whether you’re dealing with an employee who favours the Whetstone or Tuatha philosophy can be very useful to a savvy traveller looking to get their services on the cheap.

In the Campaign

In your colony you have a series of permenant Whetstone-Tuatha employees, including several druids, some craftsmen and a representative sitting on the colony board of governers. In addition, the moon mining operation is a Whetstone-Tuatha venture so any temporary residents are likely to be employees on leave.

Gaining favour with Whetstone, Tuatha or both can get you some serious benefits in the exploration business, and put you on the radars of information brokers wanting to sponsor you in exchange for a heads up once in a while. On the other hand, making some trouble with them has a tendency to be smiled upon by their competition, as well as any anticorporates who while not as big, tend to sell more specialty gear, and value their regulars much more highly. There’s also a huge market for Tuatha willing to loan their credibility to shadier organisations, which can be highly beneficial for anyone looking to get places above their usual social status.


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    Now I’m a little disappointed that the Tuatha logo isn’t just a circle.

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